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Lotus Premium Electronic Cigarettes are The #1 Selling Brand!  We encourage you to try our products with no risk or safety concerns.  We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a wonderful Referral Program which will help you get free product points.  We also welcome all Affiliates, and we offer commissions for many levels of additional promoters downline.

Facts about the Lotus Cigarette:

- Lowest Defective rate possible (less than 1 in 1,000 pieces)
- Longest Battery life of any brand (guaranteed 500 Puffs)
- Most cost effective product on market (bulk purchase would equate to $3.00 cigarette pack)
- Safest Battery technology in existence (safety shutoff device prevents overheating)
- Highest quality flavors and richest alternative smoking experience (we do not cut corners to save costs)
- Most durable rugged construction (our cigarettes to not fall apart, spit liquid, or lose charge)
- Very satisfying experience, you are able to draw enough nicotine to satisfy cravings (1.8 Mg strength)
- Oldest and most experienced Mfg in the business!

Facts about E-Cigarettes:

- Contains no tobacco, smoke, odor, or tar
- Legal and safe to use almost anywhere you can use a cell phone
- Safe around children, pets, and are recyclable
- Eliminates up to 4,000 chemicals found in a traditional cigarette
- Produces harmless water vapor

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